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About Rufus & Coco

Our Story

All sorts of pets came: furry, feathered and feline. Then, once they all settled down, we explained our big idea. We wanted to create a different kind of pet care range – one that would offer the world's most original, inspired and trusted products.

So we asked our animal friends what they wanted. The answer was surprisingly simple, "Help us to be the most loved pets in the world," they said. "And that means looking good and feeling great!"

Today, everything we do is built around the promise of providing well-bred pet care. From natural shampoos and litter to furrific accessories, we'll help ensure your pet gets the best possible care. (After all, they've already got the best possible owner, don't you think?)

Love, Rufus & Coco

Our Values


As proud Australians, we are friendly, approachable and genuine. We take the care of your family member seriously. After all, your pet’s health and happiness is our core purpose. We work hard to be experts in our field and worthy of your trust. We set high standards to ensure that you receive reliable expert advice and quality products. We believe in doing what is right for pet owners, their pets, and for the environment at large.

We don’t believe in –
Being fake, talking down to people and smoke screens and mirrors.


We love animals! We come to work to develop, market and sell products and services for your animals that can make a difference to their wellbeing. We actively participate in the community to spread our passion and help animal causes. We love what we do and prove it – actions speak louder than words! We focus on our people and customer relationships because they make all the difference. We demonstrate this belief by being available to our customers and by ensuring that we make time to have fun along the way.

We don’t believe in –
Routine responses and halfheartedness.


By constantly being relevant, desirable and contemporary, we will remain a progressive business. We should lead where others follow, surprising the competition and delighting both new and existing customers. Our customers appreciate our flexible approach. We strive for excellence and set new benchmarks in our market.

We don’t believe in –
Being complacent or reactive.


We avoid being average by putting a little extra into everything that we do. We seek new ways of doing things and always aim high. We are a unique, fashionable and sought after brand - something desirable for all our audiences.

We don’t believe in –
Compromising our standards.

Our quality

We take pride in ensuring that you and your pet get the best.

Our products where necessary have been registered by the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority).

The registration process is governed by Commonwealth legislation and undertaken according to accepted scientific principles and through rigorous independent analysis by several government agencies and the APVMA.

Each chemical product submitted to the APVMA for registration undergoes rigorous scientific assessment before it can be approved. In evaluating products the APVMA takes full account of the nature of the product, the scientific quality of the data and comments from consultation with manufacturers, Commonwealth advisory agencies, State and Territory departments and other stakeholders, including the public.

All of our pet vitamins and grooming products are manufactured according to GMP.

Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP (also referred to as 'GMP' or 'current Good Manufacturing Practice') is a term that is recognized worldwide for the control and management of manufacturing and quality control testing of foods and pharmaceutical products.

In most cases manufacturers of therapeutic goods must hold a licence. To obtain a licence to manufacture therapeutic goods, a manufacturer must demonstrate, during a factory audit, compliance with manufacturing principles which include codes of good manufacturing practice.

At Rufus & Coco we pride ourselves on being Australian, which is why our full range of pet nutraceuticals and grooming products are proudly made in Australia and display the Australian Made Logo. We are a wholly Australian owned company.

In the community

Rufus & Coco is happy to support a range of pet-lovers and animal-carers. If you'd like to apply for sponsorship, drop us a line at : with a bit of information about your organisation.

Rufus & Coco are proud partners of the Australian Pet Welfare Foundation - helping to end unnecessary euthanasia in pounds.

Our responsibility

We believe that testing on animals is unethical and unnecessary, which is why we take pride in the fact that our products are ethically sourced and are more of a natural alternative.

Proud recipient of TWO Australian Business awards for product excellence and innovation.

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