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17 June 2019

Our participation as guest speaker on the CatExplorers Podcast

In this informative, wide ranging conversation, Anneke van den Broek shares her tips on how we can protect our cats in the great outdoors, how to find pet friendly rental properties and how to groom your cats.

Listen to the Podcast here

Anneke van den Broek is the founder of Rufus & Coco, Australia's most award-winning pet care brand. She is also one of Australia's 50 most influential female entrepreneurs.

Covered in this episode

A short background on Rufus and Coco and their products.
The variation of pets that Anneke has had.
Anneke discusses the impacts that our cats can have on wildlife.
Toys that are available for cats.
Suggestions on how to keep cats safe when they’re outside.
The importance of having cats micro-chipped and ID tagged.
Advice for cat owners looking for rental properties.
Anneke shares stories of cat and dog owners having problems finding rental properties.
The benefits of having a pet resume for your cats.
Grooming your cats.
Ingredients that you should be looking out for in your pet’s shampoo.
Suggestions for making brushing easier.
Anneke’s hopes for cats exploring with their humans.
Cats or pets that inspire Anneke.
Product that has been a game-changer for her pets.

Listen to the Podcast here.

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