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The Rufus & Coco range
of Well Bred Pet Care

Rufus & Coco is Australia’s fastest growing and most awarded pet brand.

At Rufus & Coco, everything we do is built around the promise of providing Well Bred Petcare for pets and pet owners across the world.

Our tested and proven range includes vitamins, grooming and cleaning products, accessories, collars, leads and harnesses and even litter, waste management solutions, and is aimed at all, from hamster to horse.

• We love helping animals in need - We are passionate about giving back to animals in need and support a vast array of rescue groups and animal related charities.

• We do not test on animals - We believe that testing on animals is unethical and unnecessary, which is why we take pride in the fact that our products are ethically sourced and are more of a natural alternative.

• We respect mother earth - We also strive to make choices that are kind to mother earth.

• We create Best of Breed products - We don’t rest until our products offer an improved solution and our testing results prove it.

Why Rufus & Coco?

1. We’re Different

We look and sound different ... and consumers notice! Rufus & Coco has paid special attention to having concise ranges to better utilize shelf space (we understand that retail space is limited)

2. Stylish Packaging Design with Great Shelf Appeal

Impactful packaging with unique product colors and simple consumer friendly language aids consumer self-selection. Our packaging aims to leverage the ‘humanization’ trend because we know that customers want products for their pets that are packaged as well as products they would buy for themselves!

3. Premium Quality

Veterinary grade and APVMA 1 registered products are made by manufacturers with GMP 2 , TGA 3 and APVMA licences. Australia is known for having one of the highest standards in veterinary products in the world.

4. Australian Made

Our vitamins and grooming products are made in Australia and the rest of our furrific range is designed in Australia

5. Proven Success

Established in 2008 and rapidly expanding in Australia and internationally.

How to become a Wholesaler

USA & Canada

Please contact our International Business Manager, Caroline McIntosh at

Australia and the rest of the world

Please email your company details to: or give us a call on 1300 851 422.

Proud recipient of TWO Australian Business awards for product excellence and innovation.

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